Heating is not free


Proper heating system is a cornerstone of utility savings. If part of your house is a garage, you should focus on good insulation system. All types of sectional and double leaf door can be supplied with various degrees of thermal insulation – from uninsulated, through polyurethane, to THERMALSAFE insulation with special degree of air permeability.

OLYMPS DOOR can offer garage doors made of special components which improve their insulation qualities. At the same time the thickness of individual sections does not change – they remain the same as with typical garage doors.

What is the air-permeability of sectional garage doors?

Air permeability is simply the amount of airflow which can pass through the door leaf, in principle through the panel joints, the sides, the top and bottom of the door. To truly improve the thermal performance of a sectional door, one must take into account both: the U value of the door as a whole, and its air permeability performance. We have achieved this in our new product – the THERMALSAFE door. This incorporates panel (40 mm) achieving the best values in terms of energy efficiency (U value) thanks to THERMALSAFE foam technology. The panel joints design (duo-shell panel concept with a double sealing system, eliminating cold bridging).

Thermal efficiency and reduced air leakage are both critical aspects in products designed for modern living and both must be addressed equally.

We are pleased to launch a package of components for a truly THERMALSAFE door with the best values in terms of air permeability classification – class 4*, and superior thermal performance – U values with an improved performance of an average 22%** achieved for the first time on a sectional door.

What is the U value of a sectional door?

The U value of a material is a measure of the amount of heat that passes through a surface area of 1m² for each degree of temperature difference between the inside and outside. Therefore, the lower the U value, the more energy-efficient the material is. The U value is a function of the thickness of the material and the materials’ thermal conductivity.

A common misconception regarding sectional doors is to take U value of the panel (or even just the U value of the foam) and to apply it to the whole door. To properly calculate the true U value of a sectional door, one needs to take into consideration not only the U value of a sectional door panel (which differs from one manufacturer to another), but also to include the panel joints, side seals and any other places that the heat can be conducted through on an assembled door.

Sealing in between sections of the door.

The solution that prevents leakage of valuable heat is not only a garage door with a top quality polyurethane filling. What is even more important than panel insulation, is the rubber weatherseal placed in a specially designed slot in the top part of the panel. This prevents the penetration of air. Such innovative solution has a very positive effect on the insulating properties of the garage door and on savings of utilities in the garage, making it more important than the insulation of actual panels. At the same time it provides a protection against pinching fingers (finger safe protection), both from inside and outside of the garage door.